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I'm Daniela Terrile

I am an executive business coach, personal development coach, professor of Empowerment at PoliDesign for Master Strategic Design.
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What I do & study

Coach at European Commission

I coach and consult HR department at European Commission who is developing coaching strategies and use systemic coaching approach with internal officials. As a people orientated individual I thrive when coaching and mentoring individuals and groups to ensure all parties reach their full potential through a motivational and supportive approach.

Mentor for refugees at Kwantum Mentoring

In 2015, an unprecedented number of refugees is expected to arrive in Europe. Many have been forced not only to flee their homes and families, but experience a disruption in their education as well Through mentoring on line, I give them practical advice for daily life at school or work, setting goals and feeling more at home in their new life situations.

Mentor at Kwantum Mentoring and volunteer at Kiron.

Professor for Empowerment at Consorzio PoliDesign – Milano

Empowerment is a concept to support students to explore their talents, strengths and challenges, through coaching, active listening and systemic constellation, to release their potential and find their professional path.

To know more which tools I use during my classes please have a look to this Leaflet.

Master in Strategic Design

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Coach for Leaders and Business Companies

For over 5 years I have coached a range of leaders, from Head of Units, Directors, and Senior Managers, including those in Strategic Design companies. I work with executives and their teams as well as peer to peer. I am adept in participatory leadership.

Graduated in
“Lettere e Filosofia”

at Università di Genova

Graduated as
Life Coach

at ILCT Coaching


Family Constellation

at Hellinger lebenSchule, Berchtesgaden, (Germany) according to HellingerSciencia®

Systemic Management

at Abunde S.c.r.l.

Upgraded her
Executive and  P.D. coaching skills

at The Coaching Academy, for Personal Performance and Corporate and Executive Coaching


What I offer

As a coach I will assist you in:

• Overcoming obstacles & barriers
• Reaching your potential and finding a new direction
• Embracing happiness and love
• Getting rid of limiting beliefs
• Minimizing stress & anxiety

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As a facilitator of family and systemic constellation
according to Bert and Sophie Hellinger,
I will assist you in:

• Liberating from family entanglements
• Overcoming inner or external conflicts
• Searching for professional success

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Recommended books

Theory U

at Otto Scharmer

Enacting Solutions

at Georg Senoner and Claude Rosselet

No Waves Without The Ocean

at Bert Hellinger

On Life & Other Paradoxes

at Bert Hellinger

Peace Begins in the Soul

at Bert Hellinger

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AESOP Association of European Schools of planning – July 2012

Systemic management constellation: how to enhance responsibilities and create sense making in architecture and urban planning

Abstract: Systemic Constellations are a leading edge approach to catalyzing change to intuitively visualize and explore contingent future patterns. It is a practical approach for wise choosing, and represents a clear way to improve conventional scenario forecasting, strategic planning and marketing research methods especially when dealing with transformation and innovation in organizations. By creating maps of the whole ‘system’, they enable the invisible dynamics of even seemingly intractable situations to be revealed quickly and effectively, in ways that can be easily integrated into existing leadership, activist, commons and governance.
As well as having a unique capacity to generate insights about systems, they can also provide a powerful solution-focused process, creating new pathways and solutions that were literally unimaginable to the conscious mind.
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with Tomás García Azcárate – October 2015

What Do Young People Think About the CAP? An Experiment

In George Hall's interview with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer ‘Inside the Theory of the U’, Scharmer explains that what is new in the Theory of the U is that this participatory way of looking at reality is more relevant today in dealing with large, macro societal and institutional leadership issues.
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and my blog

BURN OUT: coaching as a way out

EU officials report burnout across all DGs. Changes in the EU institutions environment have marked a...


Coaching is like putting the skin back on my body. Every time I coach a client it nourishes me more....

BeFriend your body

A lot of us (me included) tend to burden and stress our bodies. That might be okay for a short-term ...

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Life coach LAB

As a coach, I believe everyone has a mission in life. Sometimes there are detours, and studies are interrupted due to financial issues, illnesses, or demotivation.
I strongly believe in the power of coaching, and I have a dream: I am looking for students who are stuck, who feel demotivated and who cannot move forward and I want to support them through coaching to help them get back on track towards their goal.

• Set challenging goals
• Tap into your motivation
• Create a plan of action
• Achieve results