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A new Year

The Professional Development Consortium is home to the CPD Standards Office, the CPD Research Project and the Provider of Training Excellence. Their wealth of knowledge and research within the Learning and Development Industry and their team of industry professionals on the Expert Advisory Board are a few of the reasons that contribute to detailed and …


BORE or BURN OUT: coaching as a way out

Changes in the business world and in Universities have marked a growth in internal and external pressures. Students who cannot cope with these pressures are predisposed to burnout due to a changing environment where compulsiveness, guilt, self-denial, and an internal institutional culture emphasizes perfectionism, denial of personal vulnerability, and delayed gratification.   Professional coaching, supports students to overcome stigmatization, …



Coaching is like putting the skin back on my body. Every time I coach a client it nourishes me more. The “skin” is not yet complete. This unique relationship between coach and coachee becomes one of approaching the client as someone to work with in tapping into the client’s own sense of unfolding growth and potential.  …