A lot of us (me included) tend to burden and stress our bodies. That might be okay for a short-term emergency but it’s no way to run the marathon that is the human lifespan.


So, this week’s practice is: befriend your body. Pick one way (or more) to treat your body like a good friend for a minute, an hour, or a whole day – and see what happens. Kindness begins at home, and our physical home is the body.




Coaching is about helping you increase everyday happiness, build inner strengths, and get the most out of life. We’ll explore how to transform thoughts for the better, mindfulness, self-compassion, and the science of emotional balance.




Any negative beliefs can be challenged and changed if you confront them with truth. The first step is to become aware of them. I have a task for you

Make two lists. In the first, list all the positive beliefs you have about your body, in the second list all the negative beliefs you have about your body

Look at the list of positive beliefs, remember the positive things that led you to hold those beliefs, write them down. Now look at the negative beliefs , in each case ask yourself in your heart and mind do you truly, honestly believe this, if the answer is no, let go of that belief right now.


If you do believe it, why?


Where did this belief come from?


Who or what influenced you? How did you form it (based on which experiences)?


How do you feel about the person who gave you this belief?


Do you respect them?


Are/were they always right?


What facts back up this belief?


What is this belief costing you on a daily basis?


What will holding on to this belief mean for you in the long term?


If this belief is hurting you, holding you back, and challenged by the facts are you ready to let go of this self-limiting belief?


Turn the negative belief into a positive statement, write it down.


To help motivate you… if you could eliminate this belief, what could be the substantial benefits to you?


One way to stop believing that you cannot do something is to just try doing it. Once a belief has been proven wrong it loses its power, as was evident when Roger Bannister ran the mile in under 4 minutes.



Books _ Our Pristine Mind, Orgyen Chowang

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