Changes in the business world and in Universities have marked a growth in internal and external pressures. Students who cannot cope with these pressures are predisposed to burnout due to a changing environment where compulsiveness, guilt, self-denial, and an internal institutional culture emphasizes perfectionism, denial of personal vulnerability, and delayed gratification.
Professional coaching, supports students to overcome stigmatization, sense of meaningless and provides a results s a results-oriented method to address burn and bore out, primarily by increasing one’s internal centerness.
When coaching students, a unique listening attitude can help them to enhance self-awareness, questioning  on limiting beliefs and self-defeating thoughts; learning to observe the world from a different angle by aligning personal values with professional duties.  Although an evidence base is not yet established, the theoretical basis of coaching’s efficacy derives from the fields of mindfulness, and self-determination.
Coaching involves “partnering with students in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Without entering in mentoring, counseling and psychologist process, coaching can boost and support students to see hidden inner resources and through time-line sessions, ignite sufficient inner resources and the necessary expertise to tackle life challenges, and provides the guidance to overcome difficulties.
It is easier to find the cause of our pain externally in someone else, rather than saying and admitting that something should change. Starting from the principles that I cannot fix problems, I think students are unique and perfect as they are, the only shift needed is the perception of reality.
In N L P (neuro linguistic programming), we know that human beings perceive realities through 5 senses and that what we think it is reality, is a part of reality because we have already distorted deleted and generalizes some information which are not useful for us.
So what reality are we thinking about? A general one, a distorted one, a deleted one? Alternatively, a new reality we see through our eyes and filter through our emotions?
Coaching increases self-efficacy and self-determination, strengthening the motivation of taking care of personal well-being. The overarching premise of professional coaching, in fact, is that people have more control over their life circumstances and satisfaction than they typically realize.
I support my students to clarify values and align them with their professional and personal goals, an objective of known importance in increasing energy. Rather than as sign uninspiring to-do lists, coaches can build motivation by eliciting solutions from clients, thus increasing personal investment, and making next steps obvious, possible, and even invigorating.
A co-creation for the well-being of people. What if burn-out is there to ask yourself the following questions:
  • what needs to die in myself?
  • what I do not see that desperately wants to be seen?
Are you ready to start the journey of your unicity? The unique journey ? If not now …..,  when?

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