Unconditional positive regard

When I really want to engage in the process of empathy, it is necessary to forget my EGO and maintain a stance of unconditional positive regard, love and acceptance of the other. As a coach I can build ‘rapport’ with my client if I am able to maintain an attitude of refraining from judgment.

How much am I aware of how important is to make ’empty space’ to welcome my client?

How can I shift attention to my internal dialogue in order to move towards him and become a ‘mirror’?

How am I sure I mirroring himself and send back to my client his/her thoughts, desires, wishes and sources?

How clear is my soul to reflect his/her thoughts and potential?


Where does it come from?

That you do not believe in yourself?

That you are scared about future?

That you find so difficult to realize your dreams?

That you feel stuck?

That you do not know what to do?


Coaching is the adventure to move forward and to discover another lyer of your wonderful soul.