I keep systemic4all ® methodology when I practice with my clients, when I empower students at University and when I co-work with managers to face fears and improve their style.

I thrive when coaching, respecting and adapting to my clients’ preferences; I keep an eye on research to improve my understanding of people’s needs, reveal insights, and inspire innovative solutions in future management and leadership research.

People inspire me; I strongly believe that people have insights and internal resources to be effective and self-resilient. Coaching is not about “fixing” people, or finding solutions. Coaching is enhancing their potential and support them to understand the principles of order, belonging and balance in their life. Success and happiness are a consequence of respect of the principles of our family system, and well-being in our organizations.

Nevertheless, coaching and shamanic practices are at a level that, even if sometimes manifests in expressions that we consider magical or spiritual, it remains at an essentially terrestrial stage, often well matched by the “energies” of our Mother Earth. There are other levels, let’s say more spiritual, able to make the human being grow even more and connect him to less material and “higher” areas. My research is moving forward thanks to mentors, teachers who are genuine and spiritually clean.