What exactly is the self-mapping model?
Meet your small order and you will know the great order
Start to know the great order and you will encounter your small order
You have to discuss a new opportunity in your team, overcome a difficult situation, reconquer peace in a relationship and of course meet some challenges.
Maybe it is time to:
–          Assess the situation
–          Let unfold your emotions
–          Map the structure of the problem
–          Change attitude
–          Shift shape of strategy
Whatever your reason, you can lighten the burden of participation and gain success if you learn this technique and how to use self-constellation as set forth in this online course.
You will learn what is valuable for you for the rest of your life.
Here what I propose is to spend 4 days with me, (4 different ZOOM sessions of 2 hours each) to understand how it works and become independent. You will follow the same learning process with yourself and become fully practitioner of this useful technique
Four simple steps are involved:
Read my E-book
Arrange an undisturbed 4 afternoon (2 hours each) or its equivalence
Collect some easily available play-mob