The world is as you dream it… a mirror. Out there you find your reflection, the world that you have made, that you have dreamed. Out there you can find yourself! Go, go out into the world and see what you are. You will discover that others are the reflected image of the lie that is living inside you, of your compromises, your ignorance.

Change!… and the world will change.

You create a sick world, and then you fear your own creation, the thing you yourself gave birth to. You think the world is an objective fact… but the world is as you dream it. Go into the world and accept yourself. Meet the poor, the violent, and the lepers that dwell inside you. Accept them… Do not avoid them, do not blame them… Surrender to your world. Go and consciously accept what you have created: a world that is rigid, ignorant… lifeless.

Man’s power lies in his capacity to master himself while at the same time surrendering to himself.»

It’s time to abandon your conflictual vision of the world. It’s time for you to die to all that which is lifeless. It’s time to be reborn. It’s time for a new exodus and a new freedom. It is the greatest adventure a man can possibly imagine: the regaining of his own lost integrity

 “The School for Gods”


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