Systemic Coaching is a multi-layer approach to catalysing change, transformation and innovation in organisations. By creating maps of the whole ‘system’, it enables the invisible dynamics of odd situations to be revealed quickly and effectively, in ways that can be easily integrated into existing leadership, management and consultancy practices.

Systemic coaching aims to support a sustainable process of learning and renewal with the goal of making systems (organisations) better able to survive, prosper and increase their efficiency. This lies at the heart of the systemic approach. We use the term “systemic” to refer to a very particular approach to the system. “Systemic coaching” is based on actions on the so-called “systemic attitude”, assumes a “systemic view” of situations and a “systemic understanding” of individuals, groups.
As well as having a unique capacity to generate insights about systems, it can also enhance a powerful solution-focused process, creating new pathways, patterns that are literally unimaginable to the conscious mind.

Given their effectiveness, this systemic approach is increasingly being used to explore – and transform – such critical leadership and organisational challenges as:

  • Developing more generative relationships between internal members of our organisations, external customers, stakeholders and the wider ecosystem.
  • Improving organisational energy and ensuring employees are engaged and motivated to perform.
  • Designing and refining leadership, consultancy and coaching interventions.

The term “System” comes from the Greek and it means literally “to stand + together”.
It refers to a whole that exists only through the working together of its parts, or as Aristotle said, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”